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ABOUT Annmors
Capture your most treasured memories in sleek, timeless style
We were founded in 2019 with the idea that jewelry should be fun and inspire happiness. We want to capture and celebrate life’s greatest moments with unique personalizable pieces in a wide variety of styles that allow for you to share your own story and make new cherished memories.
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Our Original Design
When it comes to designing our collections, we’re never satisfied. The art of crafting jewelry is an ever growing, ever changing undertaking and we are in love with the process.
We have an in-house design team that imagines each and every piece we create, first sketching them on paper before transforming them into digital drawings and 3D samples. The result is more than 10 collections with over 2000 products in a range of styles that fit what any customer is dreaming of.
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Our Craftsmanship

Each of our pieces is artfully designed and lovingly handcrafted using sterling silver plated with gorgeous 18K gold.
Polishing and tumbling
Every piece of jewelry is polished beautifully before the all-important quality control check. The jewelry is placed in a special tumbler machine to smooth and buff the surface before ultrasonic cleaning removes any residue.
This step removes the nub of the metal left behind when cutting the piece from the tree, preparing the metal for further refinement. There are many quality control checkpoints during our crafting process, the timing of which varies from one crafting facility to another. This tends to be where our first check takes place.
Enameling and gluing
Enamelling is a decoration often used on our jewelry. Colors are mixed in-house and the glossy, hardwearing enamel is applied to the jewelry by hand using a thin needle, or by hand painting for shaded enamel effects. Treated freshwater cultured pearls and lacquered artificial pearls are also set by hand, carefully glued onto traditional peg settings. These processes always take place after polishing and tumbling.
Assembling, soldering and stone setting
Our skilled goldsmiths adorn and detail our jewelry designs using a variety of crafting techniques. Different elements are assembled and soldered as necessary to create the finished masterpieces. Stones are set by hand, either directly in the metal or in the wax model, using many classic settings which secure and showcase them to maximum effect.
Wax model
The rubber mold is injected with molten wax and two metal plates are pressed on either side of the mold to prevent the wax from running out – which hardens into exact copies of the original jewelry master. The wax model is allowed to cool for a few minutes before being removed from the rubber mold. Each rubber mold is very efficient; it can be reused up to 2000 times.